Overview of business management software BRAVO 8

Inheriting and developing from the accumulated experience of previous versions, BRAVO 8 Enterprise Management Software Solution was built according to the overall corporate governance perspective, solving multi-industry management problems. In order to help solve management problems for enterprises and management and operating units to improve and improve production and business efficiency.

Advantages and outstanding features of BRAVO Enterprise Management Software Solution 8

Advanced and modern programming technology

BRAVO 8 is a product programmed with .NET technology with C # programming language and SQL Server database management system. These technologies are developed by Microsoft Corporation.

The BRAVO 8 database is optimized to meet Big Data processing for customers.

Flexible design, easy customization

With flexible design with 3-layer structure, BRAVO software is very convenient to adjust according to management requirements, while BRAVO software also allows users to easily redesign the display interface, Input forms, print forms and forms of reports …

Great assistant in work

The structure of BRAVO 8 is built according to the overall management orientation, is the synchronous connection between all departments in the enterprise, flexible in designing all forms, reports, delivery screens meet any business problem of all sectors or specific industry sectors.

When applying BRAVO software to production and business management, managers will be provided with information via warning screens and reports with “live data” quickly and easily from there. handle work and make their decisions.

Open system, flexible design

The development of the business along with the diversity and peculiarities of the business lines will lead to the overload of software with closed design and the problem becomes more complicated when no software is available. Well organized and open design.

Thanks to the open and flexible design, in addition to BRAVO software in addition to allowing easy modifications, adding and removing features in each module also allows the integration of new modules or connection with second-base software. into the needs of the Enterprise.

Modern, flat and minimalist interface, optimized for multi-platform running
BRAVO 8 has a modern designed interface following the trend of minimalist and “flat” design of software systems in the world, making BRAVO 8 optimal in access and display when running multi-platform.

Besides, with special design in BRAVO 8 interface, users can change dashboard theme, customize display parameters for dashboard at will (like background color, background image, font size, font type … ).

Optimal security

BRAVO software allows managing program access by user name and password. Allows decentralization according to user groups, according to processing functions (adding, editing, deleting, browsing, printing …) and details to each information field of vouchers. Allows you to record the entire log of user actions, especially the program records both old values ​​and new values ​​when manipulating data.

Also, BRAVO 8 with the built-in WCF technology has successfully solved the security issues for corporations, corporations, large-scale enterprises with many branches … when needing data connection between branches or branches with the Corporation through the Internet, without having to set up WAN or VPN.

Workflow process (WorkFlow)

The business process of the enterprise has many departments and employees involved. The coordination of word processing as well as data consistency among employees, the department is very complex, need to specify the sequence of steps to perform so that the update, data mining avoid duplication and errors. BRAVO software allows users to self-declare, define the process of sequential processing of jobs and operations to suit reality.

The workflow sequence will automatically be rotated according to the WorkFlow process that was designed on the software. Each person only needs to complete his / her operation and the data will automatically be linked to the next systems of the business process, and display a warning to the user at the next stage of the process. , through the status of transactions on the software.

Basic modules in BRAVO Enterprise Management Software solution 8
BRAVO software is designed for each module with the purpose of easy management, decentralization, and operation of users. The basic modules of the software include:

BRAVO is software designed as required, so in addition to the basic modules, the other modules such as warranty management, logistics service management … will be added depending on the management requirements of each business. These new modules will be designed into a unified, cohesive data inheritance but can also operate relatively independently, in each module will cover many different small business and functions.