Heading to Beautiful Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Bulgaria. Cheap and sunny. If those were the first things that sprung into your mind, well you’d be right. However, it’s not all cheap food and sunshine, the Black Sea resort of Sunny Beach is lively, action-packed, with something for everyone. Of course, an average temperature of 27 degrees doesn’t harm its popularity either!

Sunny Beach is lively, full of activities and the quintessential summer destination. Recently dubbed a Club 18-30s resort, if partying is your thing, you’re in luck. However, it’s possible to escape the hedonism and enjoy a family break here, with plenty to keep the kids occupied.

Flights leave the UK regularly during summer, direct to nearby Bourgas, lasting a comfortable 3½ hours, with a 2½ hour transfer. Most UK airports offer cost-effective extras, such as Luton Airport Parking, saving you stress and money before you take off.

Heading to Beautiful Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

All those saved pennies will come in handy when you hit the plentiful shops in Sunny Beach, and the nearby bazaar; a great opportunity to practice your haggling skills and grab yourself a bargain or three. Haggling is great fun once you get over the initial oddness of it all, and it’s possible to come away with fantastic souvenirs at half the asking price! The usual fare of bags, purses, spices and trinkets sit floor to ceiling, waiting for you to buy.

Sunny Beach is home to, of course, a rather spectacular beach. Wide and long, with a Blue Flag award, the beach is sandy, with crystal clear water. A huge range of water-sports are available, along with volleyball and tennis for the energetic amongst you. Despite the scorching sun, the nearby Balkan mountains ensure a slight, cooling breeze – remember that sun cream!

Of course when you’re done sunning on the beach, you’ve done water-sports and had an adventure at the aquapark, you might want to head off on a day-trip for a little culture, and nearby Nessebur is a great place to visit. One of the oldest towns in Bulgaria, Nessebur is home to stunning architecture and medieval churches, steeped in history. The Basilica of Holy Mother Eleusa is a must-see. Nessebur is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, so there’s a recommendation, if ever there was one!

Head to Bourgas for a cosmopolitan town with many shopping opportunities. Despite being modern and bustling, Bourgas still maintains much of its old charm and cultural influences. Bourgas is home to an international folk festival in summer, check the dates, for a colourful, musical treat with a difference.

When night falls in Sunny Beach, you have the choice of rowdy or quiet. There are more clubs and bars than you can shake a stick at, with lively nightclubs for those that want to party until dawn. However, maybe the open air cinema? Maybe dinner at one of the many restaurants? Whilst you’re there, try some traditional Bulgarian food. A popular and refreshing dish is Tarator; a cold soup consisting of yogurt, cucumber, garlic, walnut and dill. It’s surprisingly yummy!

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So, a visit to Sunny Beach? I think the name alone sells it!

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