Destination weddings in Zimbabwe’s Manu Pools National Park

When considering exotic locations in which to say your nuptials, it would be no surprise if you were to overlook Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, the country’s chequered political past has detrimentally effected the countries tourism levels. Recently restrictions on tourism have been lifted and this beautiful nation is attracting increasing numbers of adventurous tourists who want to tie the knot somewhere truly memorable.

When you take a moment to consider the country’s impressive credentials, all the reasons to pay it a visit become startlingly apparent. Zimbabwe is located on the southern-most part of the African continent, bordering South Africa, Botswana and Zambia. Although landlocked, the nation lies between two of the continents most impressive rivers, the Zambezi and the Limpopo. The nature rich river banks and the surrounding national parks are home to a wealth of fascinating wildlife proud to call Zimbabwe home.

The Zambezi River is divided into three main parts. The upper level, where Victoria Falls is located; the middle section, home of Lake Kariba and the lower level which comes below the monstrous Kariba Dam. Standing at 128m tall, the dam is one of Africa’s biggest.

Destination weddings in Zimbabwe’s Manu Pools National Park

The area surrounding Lake Kariba is Manu Pools National Park, which stretches across 20,000km of prime Zambezi riverfront. The park is home to over 380 species of bird as well as elephants, giraffes, buffalo, leopards, Nile crocodiles, hippos and rhinos.

It is beside Lake Kariba that couples on the lookout for a romantic, relaxing resort to host their weddings can find their dream location. The Bumi Hills Safari Lodge, located just 50km from the nearest town, is carving quite the reputation for offering some of the finest hotel accommodation in Zimbabwe.

Couples can make their vows to each other in front of friends and family as they enjoy views over the Lake and the expansive national park beyond. With the abundance of wildlife lucky enough to call the national park their home, it should come as no surprise if your wedding ceremony is gate crashed by some of the friendly natives.

When it comes to Zimbabwe hotels, Bumi Safari Lodge offers everything you could possibly want right on your doorstep. The spacious, luxury rooms, the alfresco dining room and the relaxing spa all benefit from unspoilt vistas of the the Lake. Guests can opt to relax and enjoy the resorts facilities whilst basking in the attention of the friendly and helpful staff or choose to enjoy game viewing adventures, sailing and fishing trips on the lake or even a peaceful sunset cruise.

Although your impression of Zimbabwe may have been affected by the negative press, it is a largely undiscovered nation which won’t remain that way for long. With such natural beauty, affable locals and breathtaking scenery – why not give it a chance and pay Zimbabwe a visit before everyone else catches on?

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